5pm to 12am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from May through December.

$3,250 per night

The Metlo Rooftop can be booked for a flat rate of just $3,250 per night during Peak hours.

This includes access to the prep room for caterers or other vendors as well as our spacious bar with seating for 10 and other amenities like our sound system.

Take a look at all the amenities we have to offer.

Events that need to start earlier than 5pm can easily mix in Off Peak rates to get exactly as much time as needed.

The 5pm - 12am window includes setup and teardown time.


Off Peak

All hours outside of Peak hours specified in the column to the left.

$200 per hour

The Metlo Rooftop can be booked by the hour starting at just $200 per hour during Off Peak hours.

$200 per hour

This starting price is perfect for events without food, catering, or alcoholic beverages.

$300 per hour

Easily bring your own food or catering with access to the prep room to provide space and privacy for vendors.

$500 per hour

Serve alcoholic drinks in style from our spacious bar with seating for 10.



The Metlo parking lot is available starting at 7pm. Additional parking and parking before 7pm is available in the public parking lot right next door to the west on Acoma St and W 12th Ave.

We can also work out other parking arrangements with nearby lots for events that would like to provide complimentary parking for guests.


We also offer packages for events that need special decor, furniture, or other equipment. We can handle that for you so all you need to do is show up.

Let us know what you need and we'll put together a package for you.